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Daniel A.

Though it took a while to get here, when it did arrive I immediately tried it out on an old hard drive. Setting it up was a piece of cake and my laptop recognized it and downloaded the info I wanted to save, no issues. I haven't tried it on other types of drives yet but believe it will work flawlessly.


I saw information on old 10MB IDE disks
SATA etc ...
Excellent connects

Harold K.

Works very well .

Leonardo d.

I've kept all my old laptops, dating back to the early '90s, 4 of them, knowing that someday I would able to access the data on their hard drives. I always asked PC Service companies how much it would cost to archive this data into more contemporary medium. The price was always $100 or more just for one disk. Now that I have this HDD to USB reader, what a serendipitous find! I have removed all the old harddisks from my old laptops. Now, it's just a simple matter of accessing all my old data and archiving it myself, and at such a reasonable cost. After hanging on to all my old laptops, now after removing their HDD disks, I've been able to dispose of them appropriately at an electronic disposal site. This is a long almost 30 desire having been satisfied. It's a great product at a great price and works as advertised, very simply. Just plug and play. I'm extatic.....! Thank you for answering my long prayers of 30 years....

Bruno F.

Ça fonctionne bien en Ide et en SATA